Blue eyed mother and daughter attract attention on “Hello”

Today’s broadcast of KBS 2TV’s talk show “Hello” involved a contestant with natural blue eyes. Despite being an ethnic Korean the contestant, Mrs Kim and her daughter both have bright blue eyes.

They appeared on the show as they have experienced a lot of hassle and trouble as a direct result of their eye colour. Mrs Kim spoke of how people frequently referred to her and her daughter as monsters and questioned her ethnic heritage as a result. Asians with blue eyes is indeed a rare occurence with less than 1 million Asians in the world having this eye colour. However a doctor was on set to explain that blue eyes is merely the lack of the pigment, melanin and that the genes responsible for producing eye colour are independent from those responsible for skin and hair colouration.

Mrs Kim went on to explain how people would often point and stare at her whilst she was out and that she had even been called a monster and cat eyes by some. However what she found the most difficult is that her daughter, who has blue eyes like her, is suffering just like her. She even implied that her daughter was bullied because of her eye colour and that in order to shield her daughter from the harsh words of people she had resorted to putting dark glasses on her. Shockingly, she revealed that her immigration status was even called into question as it was questioned whether she was a Korean citizen with indefinite right to live and work in the country.

The audience sympathised with their plight and she left a resonating message asking that people stop seeing her as a monster and that she hopes that she’ll be seen as the same as everybody else.

Also on the show was a 14 year old boy who towered over his school friends at an astonishing 6’2. He also had developed a complex about his height as he said that people often stated that he made them feel uncomfortable. In addition he stated that because of his height he couldn’t feel comfortable at school because he was too big for the school desks.

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